GSM sms,call remote control for arduino with cellphone as GSM modem.

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User <------>Call or sms <---> Cellphone or gsmshield with sensors <----> Arduino + Sensors <--->Control device(A/C,Heat,TV,Hi-fi,Coffee maker,Robot,Car,Boat...)

Arduino sms remote control with old cellphone.

I created an Arduino project with an old cellphone to works as GSM modem to control my A/C with SMS.That lets you to control your arduino and connected device from your cellphone with simple sms.Connects your arduino board with your old cellphone to work as GSM modem.I used an old Sony Ericsson K700 , supports AT commands and serial connection with cable from Ebay.For all models cellphones pins outputs look at When we send sms to modem cellphone , arduino reads sms from serial port, if we send from arduino AT+CMGR=1 to cellphone.Look into my test sketch the AT commands.With this sketch you can control the default arduino LED pin 13 with sms (on).Inside sms you could find the sender number in PDU format.Only administrator sender numbers control the arduino if we want ( admin number ).For sms with pdu format look the links into my Recouces page or find infos from Google.For AT commands you could find infos from Google and into think is a cheap and easy way for remote control devices (with IR Infrared pulses signal or relays) from anywhere in the world!!! Download the sketch and load it with arduino 0022 software. Better erase all old sms from memory before use the cell phone as GSM modem. Also i wrote a sketch to control my A/C Toyotomi. If you want the library PulsesIR A/C Toyotomi ( you can disable it for test it with led ) is inside download page.

Alarm system with arduino , pir sensor and cellphone as GSM modem.

If you add a pir sensor at digital pin of arduino,you could create very easy a simple alarm system.IF arduino digital pin 3 = high THEN send sms to admin "ALARM PIR SENSOR 1" or make an outgoing call to admin.For fire alarm you can use the temp sensor.IF temperature > 60 celcius THEN send sms to admin "Temperature > 60!!!MAYBE FIRE".I suggest to use power supply for arduino and cellphone (9V,1-2A).When the power supply is off, the system uses the battery from cellphone.
You can connect the cellphone with arduino via cable (look my photo) with serial port or via bluetooth with bluetooth shield after pair devices.

 Arduino+Sony Ericsson K700i  Sony Ericsson K700i pins output

 Arduino+Sony Ericsson K700i+Serial monitor
 PC(PuTTY)+Sony Ericsson K700i+Bluetooth connection
PC + PuTTY terminal test

I connect PC and SONY ERICSSON K700 with bluetooth, open the PuTTY terminal and test it with AT commands. I think can works with arduino + bluetooth shield.
I start for test the connection between cellphone and terminal with AT + ENTER and reply OK.
After use AT+CPMS="ME","SM" + ENTER to select the sms storage memory area in the SIM card.
After use AT+CMGR=1+ENTER for read sms at possition 1.

For make cellphone remote control your arduino must reads the incoming sms repeatedly every x secs from cellphone into the loop.
For doing this you must delete all old sms before use it.After send the first sms and store it in first position.
Arduino sends AT+CMGR=1 for reading sms , read the inside PDU message , PDU sender number and decide for arduino command, for example change the digital pin high or low.
After that the sms must deleted with AT+CMGD=1+ENTER and wait for new sms...
You can use outgoing call inside your code with this AT command ATDXXXXXXXXX;+ENTER xxxxxxxx=number for outgoing call...
For terminate your call use ATH+ENTER .
If there is no sms, normally detect ERROR after AT+CMGR=1.
Another important AT command to use cellphone clock,calendar is AT+CCLK?
Displays the current date and time setting.Reply string: "year/month/day,hour:min:sec + - time zone".

I created and a new project with old cellphone Sony Ericsson W995 ( not android ) with java2me code to use as modem for arduino with bluetooth connection....or to control your arduino from cellphone over bluetooth...