//Web Remote control with Arduino board and ethernet card Wiznet w5100 with SD card // January 20, 2012 with Arduino software 0022. //***************This code created with Arduino software 0022************** //***************Include inside folder libraries the below libraries************* //***************I verify , compile , load and work with arduino 0022*********** //***************Maybe you have errors with arduino 1.0.1*************** #include #include #include #include //My library for Toyotomi IR signals PulsesIR_Toyotomi pulsesIR_Toyotomi(2);// 2 is pin for IR led File myFile; #define maxLength 40 String inString = String(maxLength); // allocate a new String //const byte IR_PIN=2;//Ir led pin const byte LEDpin=3;//Indicator byte mac[] = {0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xED}; byte ip[] = {192,168,2,15};//Setup your local ip const byte Port = 80; Server server(Port); int counter=0; char c; word xClicksProcessed=0; char codeOK='0';//start Code is blank.... void setup() { // start the Ethernet connection and the server: Ethernet.begin(mac, ip); server.begin(); Serial.begin(9600);//Restore, if you want to monitor program's //operation via serial monitor Serial.print("Initializing SD card..."); // On the Ethernet Shield, CS is pin 4. It's set as an output by default. // Note that even if it's not used as the CS pin, the hardware SS pin // (10 on most Arduino boards, 53 on the Mega) must be left as an output // or the SD library functions will not work. pinMode(10, OUTPUT); if (!SD.begin(4)) { Serial.println("initialization failed!"); return; } Serial.println("initialization done."); //pinMode(IR_PIN,OUTPUT); //digitalWrite(IR_PIN,LOW); pinMode(LEDpin,OUTPUT); LEDOff(); } void loop() { Client client = server.available(); if (client) {//2 boolean currentLineIsBlank = true;//3 counter=0; inString="";//format inString while (client.connected()) {//4 if (client.available()) {//45 c = client.read();//6 if ((c!='\n') && (c!='\r')){ if (inString.length() < maxLength) { inString+=c; } } // Serial.print(c); // Serial.print(inString); if (c == '\n' && currentLineIsBlank ) { delay(300); xClicksProcessed++; client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");//8 client.println("Content-Type: text/html");//9 client.println();//10 myFile = SD.open("index.htm"); if (myFile) { Serial.println("index.htm:"); // read from the file until there's nothing else in it: while (myFile.available()) { client.write(myFile.read()); } // close the file: myFile.close(); } else { // if the file didn't open, print an error: Serial.println("error opening index.htm"); } client.print("
Analog input A3 (Temperature) reads: ");//Temperature sensor Lm35 client.print(analogRead(3)*0.488); client.println(""); client.print("

Clicks since server booted: "); client.print(xClicksProcessed); client.println("

"); //This is code inside index.htm into sd card without client.println //****************Put this code inside SD card into a file with name index.htm**************************/// //**************** ..................................................................................... ************************/// /* Web Remote Control

Web Remote Control A/C with Arduino and W5100 ver.22/12/2011


*/ //********************End of html inside SD card********************************/ break;//15 } if (c == '\n') {//17 currentLineIsBlank = true;//18 Serial.print(inString); if (inString.startsWith("GET")>0) {//19 if (inString.startsWith("GET /?code=xxxx")>0) {//Set the code codeOK='1'; Serial.println("codeOK="); Serial.print(codeOK); } if ((codeOK=='1') && (counter <1)){counter++; if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=AC_ON")>0 ){ LEDOn(); pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCodeOn(); //Serial.println("codeOK="); //Serial.print(codeOK); //Serial.print(inString); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=AC_OFF")>0){ LEDOff(); pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCodeOff(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=COOL")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeCool(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=HEAT")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeHeat(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=DRY")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeDry(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=AUTO")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeAuto(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=FAN")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeFan(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=Fan_Low")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeFanspeedLow(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=Fan_Medium")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeFanspeedMedium(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=Fan_High")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeFanspeedHigh(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=Fan_Auto")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_modeFanspeedAuto(); } if (inString.startsWith("GET /?cmd=temp30")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_30(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp29")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_29(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp28")>0){ //pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_28(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp27")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_27(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp26")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_26(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp25")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_25(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp24")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_24(); } if (inString.startsWith("cmd=temp23")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_23(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp22")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_22(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp21")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_21(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp20")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_20(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp19")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_19(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp18")>0){ //pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_18(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp17")>0){ //pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_17(); } if (inString.indexOf("cmd=temp16")>0){ pulsesIR_Toyotomi.SendACCode_Temp_16(); } }//codeok }//get }//current line else if (c != '\r') { //20 currentLineIsBlank = false;//21 } }//client avalaible } delay(1);//25 client.stop();//26 }//27 }//28 void LEDOn(){ digitalWrite(LEDpin,HIGH); } void LEDOff(){ digitalWrite(LEDpin,LOW); }