Web remote control A/C with arduino and ethernet card W5100 + SD card.

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User <------> Web <---> Arduino + Sensors + IR leds + Ethernet card + Modem router <--->Control device(A/C,Heat,TV,Hi-Fi,Lights...)

Arduino web remote control with ethernet card W5100.

I created an Arduino project to work as web remote control for my Air Condition (A/C) .That let you control your arduino and your device (with IR signals) or other devices, lights with relay from your web browser local or from anywhere in the world.For example you can start your home A/C from your office or opposite, before returning from a trip for set up the ideal temperature...I decode my remote control IR signals and create IR library signals.I use an IR led for transmit signal connected at digital pin and a temperature sensor connected at analog pin.You can add and humidity sensor,PIR sensors,Laser sensors,Light sensors (LDR)...Another way is an universal remote control connected with arduino from digital output via transistor as switch with on/off button or other buttons.Also you can add mosfets and relays for other devices without IR signals for example electric infrared heating panels.Connect your arduino board , ethernet card W5100+SD card with your modem-router.You must make an account DynDns first if you do not have static ip (you can work and local for example ) and set up your modem router with dyndns,ip,port.Download the sketch and load to sd card with html file inside sketch.The user interface is a simple html page inside SD card for show a virtual remote control for A/C.You can send me suggestions and ideas for improvement of the website graphics (virtual remote control image) and extension of the code for controlling other devices.I had created a library with IR code for A/C Toyotomi.You could find it from download page.

Arduino+Ethernet card W5100 with SD USER WEB BROWSER INTERFACE

Code web remote control