How to start / fly / operate the DJI Spark using its remote controller


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How to start / turn on the DJI Spark

1. Push power button on battery while attached to drone.
2. Immediately hold the power button for 2 or 3 seconds after green LEDs are illuminated.

How to stop / turn off the DJI Spark

1. Press the power button once, and then press again and hold it down for at least two seconds to turn the battery off.

DJI Spark turn on/off 

To begin the flight, you must to start the propellers.
After you turned the drone on, the Spark will locate its satellites.
You will see this happening as the LED lamps under the propellers flash red.
One they turn green you are ready to start the propellers.
To start the propellers simply grip both the left and right knobs on the controller handset
and push them downward at an inward diagonal angle.

How to operate the DJI Spark with the flight controller

1. Press the left knob up to lift Spark off the ground and to raise its altitude
2. Press the left knob down to lower the Spark altitude and make it land
3. Press the left knob right or left to change the Spark direction
4. Press the right knob up to move the Spark forward
5. Press the right knob down to move the Spark backward
6. Press the right knob left or right to move the Spark sideways

How to change the DJI Spark CE mode to FCC mode

To change CE mode at FCC mode, we have to cheat the DJI GO application for a while and show
that we are not in Europe but in the USA.
You can use a fake GPS application for this.
The first time press OK to WLAN settings.
If you go to WLAN settings you can see 1 - 11 channels. This is the FCC mode.
You must close DJI GO app.
Then turn off the fake GPS app , open again the DJI GO app and do not agree
to let DJI GO WLAN change settings.
Press Cancel every time...
If you click OK, you must repeat the previous steps.

Max range with CE mode is 500 m .
Max range with FCC mode is up 2000 m .


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