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Power IR - Universal Remote Control

Power IR - Universal Remote Control application

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TV :ON /OFF Cable box :ON /OFF A/C :ON /OFF

Samsung Galaxy S4 , S5 , S6 , Note 3 , Note 4 , HTC One ( m7 or m8 or m9 ) , LG G3 , G4 or other model with IR ( Infrared ) blaster, emitter.

Link to this application...

Turn your IR phone or tablet easy to Universal Remote Control for TV , Air Conditioner ,
DVD Player , Blu Ray , Cable Satellite Set top box , Media player , Home cinema ,
Audio Hi Fi system , DSLR Camera , Game console , Car audio , RGB LEDs and
many other devices with this free app.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 , S5 , S6 , Note 3,4 , LG G3 , G4 or other Samsung model ( look below ) with IR blaster, emitter
you can download the Power IR - Universal Remote Control free applications from Play Store app into your Android device.

Please send us feedback email for Android 5.0 Lollipop update if it works or not the new IR system.
If does not work with new IR system for 4.4.3 , 4.4.4 and 5.0.x you can disable it.
I added an option into first activity ( home page ) at bottom side.Check the checkbox and press save.
LG G3 now supported...
Scroll down at first welcome activity press the LG G3 checkbox and press save.

Power Universal Remote Control Pro

Now it is available new Pro paid version without Ads banners, better GUI , widgets and more options.

Download it from Play Store or send us an email if you interested for this application.

Android app on Google Play

Android 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 supported.
Support email.
Send Mail

Quick TV , Cable Remote Control.

Inside Quick TV , Cable Remote Control with linear layout you can find easy popular TVs , Cable boxes with basic function buttons.
Easy to use just scroll down to find your TV or set top box and press the function button.


You can find many brand names for TVs , DVD PLAYERS , BLU RAY PLAYES , SET TOP BOXES , AUDIO remote controls with many function image buttons.
Scroll down into GUI layout to show all the function image buttons.It looks such as real remote control.
How can I change the default device, brand, model type with mine ?
Press the left bottom Samsung menu hardware touch button to show the pop up menu or press the software red setup button near mute button or press the software button change device at bottom side of GUI layout, scroll down to find it.
Press "Choose Remote" from pop up menu and select your device from pop up scrollable big list.

You can also watch the below support video.

TV and Cable/Sat box IR scanner tool.

Press the scanner button ( not continuously, repeatedly ) until your device turn on.
A number IR code increment with every press.
When you get the number , send me by email this number and the brand name.
I will send you back the IR codes ( frames numbers strings ) to setup the My Remote TV
or other instructions to access the GUI Remotes 1,2,3,4 list with devices.
Many TVs or Set top boxes brands no name used the IR codes from other brands.
NEW: I added some popular TVs and cable sat boxes numbers into GUI remotes pop up list with devices...ready to works.

TVs : Samsung , LG , Sony , Toshiba , Sharp , Panasonic , Dynex , Funai , Philips , Insignia , Emerson , AOC , Telefunken , Grundig , Hyundai , RCA ,
Sanyo , Sylvania , Vizio , NEC , Matsui , Mitsubishi , Marantz , Westinghouse , Akai , Acer , Beko , Bush , Dell , JVC , Hitachi , OKI , Hisense ,
Magnavox , Matsushita , Sansui , Tatung , Tesla , Orion , Zenith , TCL , Videocon , Schaub Lorenz , Sansui , Sceptre , Sagem , Skyworth , Snowa ,
Coby , Devant , Spectroniq , Fisher , Advent , Goodmans , Manta , Provision , Teletech , Laurus , Technika and many others.

Quick Air Conditioner Remote Control.

Into Quick A/C Remote Control you can find popular brand names for A/C remote control with basic commands buttons.
Power On ( Cool mode , Temp 24 , Fan auto , Swing ) and Power off.
If you want more functions or your A/C it is not inside you can setup My Remote A/C.
How? Try the A/C IR Scanner first.Read the next...

Air Conditioner IR scanner tool.

Press your A/C brand name scanner button ( not continuously, repeatedly ) until your device turn on.
At bottom side into a message box a number increment with every press.
When you get the number , send me by email this number and the brand name of button.
Send me also the brand name of your A/C.
I send you back the IR codes ( frames numbers strings ) to setup the My Remote A/C.
Many A/C brands no name used the IR codes from other brands.
I suggest to try all the brand buttons from A/C IR scanner 1 and scanner 2 to find your code.

Use your climate and other devices rationally. Help to overthrow the climate change.
Set the fan speed low and the temperature to 24 degree or upper.

A/C Brands:

AEG , ActronAir , Acsion , Alpine , Airmax, Airstream , Akari , Amwo , Ariston , AUX ,
Blue Star , Bosse , Bruhm , Bosfor climate , BSI ,
Carrier , Chigo , Classic , Climair , Consul , Cold Comfort , Comfort star , Coolline , Crown , Coolwind ,
Daikin , Daisy , Delongi , Electra , Electrolux , Everstar ,
Fairland , Ferroli , Feilu , Firstline , Frigidaire , Fujitsu ,
G Air , Galanz , General , General Ocean , Godrej , Gree , Green Air ,
Haier , Hisense , Hitachi , Hyundai , Jax , Infinity , Innovair vexus ,
Katashi , Kelvinator , Kenwood , Kentax , Kentatsu , Kelon , Kewel , Komeco , Kolin , Koner , Koryo , Koppel , Klimatair ,
Lennox , LG , Lloyd ,
Maytag , Mastertech , Midea , Miller , Mirage , Mitsubishi , Multizone Sahara , Mistral
National , Nordstar , Nikkei , Novox ,
Onida , Orient , Otto ,
Panasonic , Pel , Plasma Gold , Prem-i-air , Pioneer , Povel , Prime ,
Samsung , Sanyo , Saunier Duval , Sankey , Sekom , Simbio , Singer , Siemens , Simon-Aire , SKM , Springer ,
Sharp , Super Carrera , Super Cool , Starway , Superasia , Stream , SoleusAir , Symphony ,
TCL , Technoair , Teco , Top Air , Tornado , Toshiba , Totaline , Tokyo , Toyo , Toyotomi , Trane ,
United , Usair , Vega , Vestar , Voltas , Videocon ,
Westpoint , Westinghouse , Whirlpool , York and many others.

Custom Remote Controls 1,2.

Into My Remote Control you can setup your TV or other device with IR codes.

Into edit text boxes at bottom side you can insert your device decimal IR codes pulses ( time frame strings ) to use with every command button.
For example : 38000,346,173,22,48,22,22,22,5000. The first number 38000 is the frequency 38KHz.
Then 346,173 are pulses ON(PWM),OFF(wait) the header/leader...48,22 (ON/OFF pulses) are the bit 1...22,22 (ON/OFF pulses) are the bit 0.
22,5000 (ON/OFF pulses) are the final pulses.
Every number is time space at usecs/26.
You can find IR codes pulses for many devices from this IR database .
You can login from your android device with Google account.
Copy the IR code from database and paste it in the command edit text box, remove the 1,1 and 1,1 ( look the example IR code... copy from number 38000 only the numbers,commas ) and press save.
Repeat for all commands (Power,Channel Up and Down,Volume Up and Down,....).
Then If you press the power button your device must turn on.

Look the below photos how to access the Global Cache IR database.

The default IR codes into My Remote 1 are for Samsung TV and into My Remote 2 are for LG TV.
NEW: You can add and HEX IR CODES from HEX IR codes . Now it works with DECIMAL or HEX format IR codes.

After setup you can use the GUI remote with image buttons and Voice control activity.
You can send me email to help you to setup your device.

Add extra devices into media GUI remotes 1,2,3,4.

For advanced users.

You can insert another extra device inside the pop up scrollable list with devices.
Create a folder /remotes into internal phone card ( for my S4 mini it works only into internal default phone card ).
You can use a file explorer application to create folders into phone or SD card.
Then you must put a file inside the folder with your device IR codes.
For example this is for Sharp TV , Example TV.
You can modify it with your device name and hex IR codes.
Download the Notepad ++ (not use classic Windows Notepad) and after modify it with your IR HEX codes save it with your brand name with save as (*.*) All types.
For example HEX IR codes are there HEX IR codes.
It works also with decimal IR codes from IR database .
Copy the IR code from database and paste them inside the file, remove the 1,1 and 1,1.
Repeat for all commands (Power,Channel Up and Down,Volume Up and Down,....).
To access the HEX or DEC IR codes from your device go into GUI remotes 1,2,3,4.
Press the left hardware android button to pop up the menu. Press choose remote. Your device now must be inside the list at last position.
You can operate it now with the image command buttons.
You can add macros commands because you can add two ir codes with same frequency.
You can create MyRemote_TV file with Power,Volume commands for your TV and channels commands from set top box.
You can also add IR codes for your DVD or Blu Ray.
All in one REMOTE CONTROL GUI activity.
It does not work with xxxxx.txt file but save it as ALL TYPES (*.*) .
Check the external title of the file with _ and the internal title without _ .
Send me email to help you to add in the list your device.
I can prepare for you the file ready to works.
Every week I put more devices into the list.

NEC IR protocol HEX to decimal converter.

Many devices Toshiba,LG,Samsung,Pioneer,Alpine,....use the NEC IR protocol.
For Samsung enable the checkbox because use other different header.
The user can insert HEX numbers ( address,pre data and command ).
Look at remotes find HEX IR codes with NEC IR protocol.
For example Toshiba TV listen to NEC protocol.
Pre data 16bits: 0x02FD , Command power 16 bits: 0x48B7
Insert to edit text Address: 02FD , Command: 48B7
02FD is the hex address for Toshiba TV model XXXX, 48B7 is the power button hex code.
The result is decimal IR numbers string ready to copy,paste,save it into My Remote.
Warning: Toshiba,Samsung,LG or other brand for TV has secret IR codes for factory settings or reset or programming.
Use only the standard commands IR codes from IR databases.Do not paste randomly IR codes.
Send me email for support to help you to add your device.

Voice control for My Remote TV,A/C.

Ready devices: TV, SET TOP BOXES, Hi Fi, Car audio , A/C, Xbox 360,
DSLR Cameras shutter buttons, Sony Media Player, RGB LED ,.....

Power IR - Universal Remote Control should work with the built-in IR transmitter of the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S5 , S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 3,4
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ( I 705 )
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220 P5200
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 8.0 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 , 10.1 , 12.2

Samsung Galaxy MEGA

It works also with HTC IR phones ( One m7 or m8 or m9 )
, with root LG IR phones like G2 , with Medion Lifetab S7852 , Huawei Honor 6 and other IR phones.

Sony and LG corporation uses close different IR system.
Not the Google IR Samsung or HTC.
It works only with Sony,LG IR database.
Only if you root your phone with other custom ROM maybe it will works.
Only LG G3 , G4 allowed and supported now without root...let us know if it works or not.
Scroll down at first welcome activity press the LG G3 checkbox and press save.

Most negative reviews and 1 star rating are from users that do not have a Samsung phone or tablet with a built in IR emitter.
Please leaving a good rating and review if you found this application useful.

Android 4.4.2 and new IR API.

If you have older O.S <= 4.3 or 4.2 it works only with Samsung phones or tablets with IR emitter.
Support Android O.S : 4.4.2 , 4.4.3 , 4.4.4 and 5.0.x .

Send us an email for support or feedback if it works for your phone or with your device.
We try to answer all emails... maybe delay at nights and weekends.
If you can not find your device into 3 online IR databases send us email with your brand, model number to send you the IR codes.

Full version with voice control ( Power IR - Remote Control ) :

Android app on Google Play

New Lite version ( Remote Control - IR ) :

Android app on Google Play

Permissions :

Photos and Media: You can add your own device or IR codes from external file into your phone card.
Microphone: Voice Remote Control option.
Control Vibration: Vibrate when click a button.
Full Network Access: Internet access.
View Network Connections: Internet access.

Sam Smart TV Wi-Fi Remote Control application

1.Open,check the WiFi signal of your android.
2.Turn on the TV from Power IR - Universal Remote application or original plastic remote.
3.Check if your Smart TV connected to your local WiFi network.
4.You must insert the IP of your Smart TV into application.
Go into your TV menu > Network > Network Status > IP Address.
5.You are ready to use it.

It works also with IR blaster for IR phones.
This is an Unofficial app.

You can download it from Google Play Store.

SMS IR controller

SMS IR controller is an Android application to convert your phone with IR blaster to SMS IR controller for an IR device.
Simple home automation to control an Air Conditioner from anywhere in the world with SMS.
Send me email if you interested for this application.

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New Power Universal Remote Control

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