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Future projects.

Autonomus small boat to collect photographs of landscapes, meteorological and water pollution data.
Boat with Android smartphone, Arduino board + Iridium shield + modules + sensors , Battery Lithium, Solar panels , Electric DC motors.

*Android camera in boat takes photos,videos and uploads to web server via mobile network or Iridium network.
*Android GPS sends boat location to web server via mobile network or Iridium network.
*Administrator user (Captain) drive the boat from a web browser.
*Android in boat "read", download drive status LEFT,RIGHT,FORWARD,STOP,REVERSE periodically from webserver and sends signals to Arduino board for drive the electric motors.
*The energy for the boat coming from solar panels will charge the lithium batteries via charge controller ( Arduino ).
*Android phone it works as modem and uploads all the data from Android,arduino sensors ( Temperature, solar radiation, light level, boat speed, wind speed, sea wave speed,....) to webserver.
*Laser rangefinder, depth finder, small radar system to avoid collisions with other ships or reefs.
*Auto pilot system read trip data from web or sd card.
*System save all data to SD card.
*LED lights for night vision and avoid collisions.Floating anchor.
*XBee-PRO 868 , Long-range RF connectivity for European applications.
Supporting RF line-of-sight distances up to 80 km for secondary communication system.
* Iridium shield link

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