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You must use an Android ( with OS 2.1 and later ) for my application IO Web Bluetooth connected as modem for arduino board+bluetooth shield.
My sketch use pin 13 for blink the led.
For IO Web Usb you need android with OS 2.3 and later , usb cable , arduino with usb shield.My sketch use pin 3 for blink the led.

Led 1 : ON / OFF Led 2 : ON / OFF Flash light android : ON / OFF A/C controller : ON / OFF Servo 1 turn : LEFT / RIGHT

LED 1 stateLED 2 stateFlash android stateServo stateA/C state

Input period time ( seconds ) for read android server:

Period time read server
PWM arduino

Input PWM time on miliseconds for arduino:
Input PWM time off miliseconds for arduino:
Arduino web code.

Input Arduwebcode for setup arduino:
Arduino web code
Android web code for control camera.

The default period for capture photo is 10 sec,for 20 sec write TC20,30 sec TC30,60sec TC60,120sec TC120,240 sec TC240,5sec TC5,3 sec TC3 and save.

Input Androidwebcode to setup the android web camera:
Android web codeCamera android

Arduino temperature sensorLocation androidCamera androidFlash state androidBattery level androidBattery level arduino